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At ambachtkaas.nl, you can buy the cheese you’ve tasted at our markets. We deliver the tastiest market cheese in the Netherlands to your home! Place your order today and you will receive the cheese at your home next week.

You can order cheese via ambachtkaas.nl at any moment. We will prepare and send the orders once a week. This allows us to give your cheese order the time and attention it deserves. Read when your order will be delivered on the page ‘Order Today‘.  The cheese you order is vacuum-packed and will stay good for at least two months.

Boer Jaap cheese is available again!

We are happy to announce that or number 1 farmers cheese is back in business. Order your piece of Boer Jaap now and invite your friends to celebrate this re-introduction with a tastefull and ‘cheesy’ celebration!

Tasted at our market:

Need less or no cheese paper at all?

We add cheese paper to every order as standard. One cheese paper for each piece of cheese. With the articles below you can indicate that you need less or no cheese paper at all. Save trees!

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