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Here you can order market cheese from Holland Kaascentrum and Liefde&Ambacht!

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We deliver the tastiest market cheese in the Netherlands to you At home! Place your order today and you will receive the cheese at home next week.

May special

The cows are outside again for the first time this year. That means grass cheese!!! Grass cheese is a cheese from the first milk when the cow goes outside again. It is wonderfully creamy with a wonderfully young taste. You can order grass cheese until the end of June. Therefore, don't hesitate to order it quickly from Jongen farmer's cheese.

Tasted on the market:

Need less or no cheese paper at all?

We add cheese paper to every order as standard. One cheese paper for each piece of cheese. With the articles below you can indicate that you: less or completely not need cheese paper. Save trees!

No machine is involved here...