Farm cheese

Every cheese made on the farm is special! The milk comes from one herd of cows. The weather and the seasons influence the fat and protein contents of the milk. Every farmer also has his own recipe and method of preparing cheese. Those are differences you can taste!

Farmer's Cheese and Cheese from the Farm

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The most popular farm cheeses

The three best-selling farm cheeses from our range. Boerjaap is a very creamy farm cheese matured for 1 year. Due to its size (30kg) and age, the taste is excellent. The Soeteliefde is also very popular, of course partly because of the name, but the caramel crust makes it a great temptation. Last but certainly not least, Farmers Jumbo, as boss above boss among the farm cheeses. This cheese weighs 60kg and is made from 600 liters of cow's milk. This farmer comes from the Green Heart of the Netherlands next to Gouda from the town of Bergambacht.


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Need less or no cheese paper at all?

We add cheese paper to every order as standard. One cheese paper for each piece of cheese. With the articles below you can indicate that you: less or completely not need cheese paper. Save trees!