is part of Den Boon-Bijl Kaashandel V.O.F.. Online you will find us as ‘’. At the market we work under the banner of ‘Liefde & Ambacht’.

We are Cheesemonger

We love to work on the market; outside in open air. On the market you will truly ‘taste’ love and craftmanship. But we know that our markets are sometimes a long drive (or even flight) away for you. This is the reason we launched this website. To make things easier for you, and deliver our cheese to your doorstep.

Liefde & Ambacht formula

Liefde & Ambacht is a franchise formula for cheesemongers working at food markets. You can find more information about Liefde & Ambacht at On this website you can also find locations of other companies who work with the ‘Liefde & Ambacht’ formula in The Netherlands. What we share with these companies is our love for cheese. So please regard them as highly recommended!