Farmers cheese

Every cheese made on the farmhouse is special! The milk comes from one herd of cows. Both weather and season influence the fat and protein levels of the milk. Also, every farmer has his own recipe and methods. Usually carried over from father to son. This is what we call ‘ambacht’ in dutch, which is best translated by ‘craftmanship’. All these add tot an ultimate taste of our cheese. Happy tasting!

Farmers cheese (in Dutch; Boerenkaas) is made from raw, unpasteurized, milk. Some farmers choose to thermise their milk before making cheese. Thermising is a mild heat threatment of the milk; above 40°C, but below 72 °C. This cheese will be called ‘Farmhouse cheese’ (in Dutch: Boerderij kaas).

Farmers cheese and Cheese from the farmhouse

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Boer Jaap

Our ‘Boer Jaap’ is an absolute Winner! You can recognize this cheese from its green crust and its huge size. A whole ‘Boer Jaap’ easily weighs about 30 kilograms (almost five stones). Because the cheese is so big -a normal cheese only weighs 12 kilograms- it ages really slow and it remains much softer on the inside. Creamy and full of flavour! No wonder we always present this cheese up front in our market stall.

Farmers Baby cheeses

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Less or no cheese paper at all?

We add free cheese paper to your order. For every piece of cheese you order we add one piece of cheese paper. With the articles below you can inform us that you need less or no cheese paper at all. Save trees!