Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is cheese that is made according to guidelines with respect to milk production, cheese production and maturation. You can recognize classic Gouda cheese by its yellow color and flat round shape. Gouda cheese is usually made in twelve kilogram models.

Quality cheeses place additional demands on the origin of the milk, animal health and cheese production methods or methods of ripening. Our Ambachtkaas is a good example of this. The cheeses are made in 16 kilogram models and are therefore extra creamy. There is natural outside grazing for the cows and the ripening happens in natural warehouses. And the result? You can taste it!

Cheeses of Liefde & Ambacht

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Hard to choose? Our Cheese Selections are composed of the favourites of our market custumers!

Cheeses of Holland Kaascentrum

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Less or no cheese paper at all?

We add free cheese paper to your order. For every piece of cheese you order we add one piece of cheese paper. With the articles below you can inform us that you need less or no cheese paper at all. Save trees!