Order today!

You can place your order at any given time. However, we only process orders once every week. On this page, you can read all about how this works.

From what date can I order cheese?

You can place your order at any moment. Products you order at us will be freshly cut and vacuumpacked. The products have a shelf life of at least eight weeks in unopened and unharmed packaging. This way you store your cheeses for a while and you never have to be without cheese!

When will my cheese be shipped?

We ship your order on Tuesday. As you know, we are a cheese farmers at the market. That often means long days, from 5 in the morning until 7 in the evening. We simply don’t have enough manpower for daily (or weekly) deliveries (including cutting, packaging, shipping, and administration). Therefore, we’ve opted to spend our time and energy on deliveries once every two weeks. This means we can guarantee that each order receives the attention it needs.

All orders that we’ve received before Sunday 10 P.M. will be prepared on Monday and sent no later than Tuesday.

How do you deal with the Corona virus situation?

Due to the Dutch RIVM recommendations for combating the corona outbreak, there are additional security measures on our food markets. In addition to the weekly markets, we have expanded the range at ambachtkaas.nl to include cheese from the market stand of Holland Kaascentrum. From March 2020 we therefore ship orders every week.

All cheeses you order are vacuum packed and have a shelf life of at least two months. Please handle the vacuum packaging carefully to avoid breaking the vacuum. Enjoying delicious cheese together is one of the small things for which we can now be particularly grateful. We are convinced that we can bring some relaxation and happiness to your domestic situation.

With enthusiastic cheese greetings on behalf of the Holland Kaascentrum and Liefde & Ambacht team,

Cor, Steven and Niek

What else should I know before I order cheese?

Before ordering, also read the pages Packaging and Shipment and Service. You will find this pages in the ‘Order’ menu.