Packaging and Delivery

On this page you will find information about packaging and delivery of your order. Your delivery will be send on Tuesday after the order deadline. Depending on what country you want to ship to, you will most likely receive your cheese order on thursday (Wednesday for The Netherlands).

Can you exactly cut 500 grams?

This is an exciting question! Maybe you have seen us cutting the exact right amount of cheese at the market. Truth is; we manage to do so only once in a while. Because you dit pay for 500 grams (or 1000 grams) we guarantee the total weight of your order is never below what you have paid for. It could happen a certain piece of cheese weighs slightly less than what you have paid for, but this will always be compensated by other products within your order. This way you always receive what you have paid for.

How is my cheese packaged?

All cheeses you order are freshly cut and vacuum packed. Vacuum-packed cheese can be kept for at least two months. We usually send your cheese in a box with enough filler material and possibly an ice pack (a white bag of liquid). This ice pack can easily be disposed of with residual waste.

In the summer months of June, July and August we send your cheese order in an ISOPRO insulated box. This keeps the temperature in the box significantly lower and therefore preserves the quality. This is why shipping costs during summer are slightly higher than usual. On the other hand, you always buy our cheese at competitive and current market prices.

ISOPRO insulated box

ISOPRO insulated box

The ISOPRO insulated boxes are an environmentally friendly and space-saving alternative to conventional polystyrene boxes. In addition, the costs are lower. The outer carton can of course be disposed of as old paper. The inside of the box can be disposed of with residual waste. You can also return the outer carton and the interior to one of our market stands at any time. For € 6.95 you can have your order shipped in an ISOPRO insulated box any other time of the year. If you want your order to be shipped in an ISOPRO insulated box please add this product to your regular cheese order.

Should my cheese always be refrigerated?

In general, ordinary Dutch cheese that is vacuum packed does not need to be refrigerated. That is why we can also send our cheese by post. However, we kindly ask you to keep the cheese in the fridge after receipt. This keeps your cheese fresh much longer!

The vacuum packaging has leaked. Is this a problem?

Leaky packaging is not a problem for the cheese, but it gives molds a better chance. So it is a good idea to eat this piece of cheese first. Besides, you can always cut mold off the surface of the cheese. The cheese itself doesn’t spoil. Of course, old cheese lasts a little longer than young cheese or cheeses with herbs.

Do you include cheese paper?

By default, we send a piece of cheese paper for each piece of cheese. If you do not want to receive cheese paper, you can indicate this in the comment field at the checkout. This saves a lot of paper!

How will my cheese be shipped?

You will be notified with an email when your cheese order is on its way. This email contains a tracking code that you can use to track the order. If you are not at home, usually a new delivery attempt will be made the next day. After two attempts, the package will be delivered to a pick-up point. You will be informed of this by the deliverer (DPD).

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship our cheese to addresses in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland and Poland. This can be extended to other European countries in the future. We will announce this on our website.

What are the shipping costs?

On our website you always pay current market prices! In this respect, our cheese is never more expensive online than at the market stall. Of course, there are extra costs for packaging and shipping the cheese. We therefore bill you (in part) for these costs. The following table provides an overview of the shipping costs. The shipping costs are a little higher during summer because we ship in an ISOPRO isolated box.

Standard shipping costs €7,95
Orders from €50 €3,95
Orders from €100 €1,95


Standard shipping costs €9,95
Orders from €50 €5,95
Orders from €75 €4,95
Orders from €100 €3,95
Orders from €150 Gratis
Standard shipping costs  €10,95
Orders from €50 €6,95
Orders from €100 €4,95



Other countries
Denmark Standard shipping costs €19,95
Orders from €75 €12,95
Orders from €150 €5,95
Ireland Standard shipping costs €33,95
Orders from €100 €23,95
Orders from €150 €14,95
Luxembourg Standard shipping costs €16,95
Orders from €50 €12,95
Orders from €100 €9,95
Poland Standard shipping costs €17,95
Orders from €50 €13,95
Orders from €100 €9,95
Austria Standard shipping costs €17,95
Orders from €50 €14,95
Orders from €100 €11,95
Orders from €150 €9,95

All prices mentioned are VAT included (Dutch B.T.W. 9%). For the Germen isles, Gibraltar, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Channel Islands there is a surcharge. Please get in touch with us if this applies to your delivery address before you submit your order. Extra costs do apply.