Packaging and Delivery

On this page you will find information about packaging and delivery of your order. Your delivery will be send one day after the order deadline. Depending on what country you want to ship to, you will most likely receive your cheese order on friday (thursday for Netherlands).

Can you exactly cut 500 grams?

This is an exciting question! Maybe you have seen us cutting the exact right amount of cheese at the market. Truth is; we manage to do so only once in a while. Because you dit pay for 500 grams (or 1000 grams) we guarantee the total weight of your order is never below what you have paid for. It could happen a certain piece of cheese weighs slightly less than what you have paid for, but this will always be compensated by other products within your order. This way you always receive what you have paid for.

Why is my cheese vacuum packed?

Vacuum packaging is neccesary to send the cheese by post. This way your cheese also has a shelf life of at least two months. Therefore you can order a small stock. For every cheese you order you will receive a fresh piece of cheesepaper. If you get the cheese out of the vacuum packaging you can store the cheese in the cheesepaper – in the fridge – for about two weeks. Old cheese naturally lasts a bit longer than young cheese.

Farmers mini cheeses and whole cheeses will not be vacuum packed. These cheeses hava a natural crust that enables the cheese to ripe. This cheeses you should nót keep in the fridge but in a cool and dry storage. These cheeses needs to be ‘turned’ (two)weekly and if necessary be cleaned with a mildly moisturized cloth. A reminder will be added to your order. After cutting the cheese you need to store it in the fridge.

When will my cheese be delivered?

You can expect your delivery at home on friday after the order deadlineYour order will be prepared and send one day after the order deadline (wednesday). If you live in The Netherlands your order will be delivered on thursday. For orders send to Belgium and Germany this will be friday. If you are not at home at the moment of delivery, the package will be delivered at your neighbours or the postal company will do a second delivery attempt the day after. After two attempts the package will be delivered at a pick-up point, of which you will be notified by the postal company. For deliveries we work together with both DHL and DPD.

To which countries can you deliver?

At this moment we deliver cheese to adresses in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Ireland. This will be extended to other countries in Europe in the future. This will be mentioned at our website, our instagram feed and in our Newsletter. Please get in touch if you would like to make an order from a country that is not a standard delivery option yet.

What are the costs?

You always pay the same prices as our customers at the market! Our cheese is never more expensive online than it is at our cheese stall. Naturally we make more costs if we pack and deliver your cheese. For this reason we (partially) pass on this costs to you. For packaging and delevering we charge a fixed rate. For the Netherlands this is €6,95 per order. In return you get your cheese for present Dutch market prices.