Bastiaanse organic gold

From: 10,95

Old organic from farmer Bastiaanse
Age: old cuttable
Flavor intensity: spicy

Always the same price as on the market
Always freshly cut to order
Always vacuum packed and has a shelf life of at least 8 weeks
Always free cheese wrapper with every piece of cheese
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Bastiaanse organic gold

Aged organic cheese


This organic cheese has been matured for a long time and is now starting to crumble, giving every bite an unforgettable textural experience. Enjoy the rich and complex taste of Bastiaansen Bio Gold, in which the love for craftsmanship and organic ingredients come together. This cheese is a valuable addition to any cheese board and shows that sustainability and taste can go hand in hand. Experience the purity of Bastiaansen Bio Gold and give your taste buds a natural treat.\

This is the replacement for the Terschelling wind force 13.

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